“PRACOWNIA PSYCHOLOGICZNA PROFESJA” is the recruitment agency, specializing in recruitment of Polish workers, supplying them to work in different countries in EU. We are located nearby Cracow- one of the biggest cities in Poland, localization of different industries and branches. It is also the biggest educational place in Poland. Such localization allows us to have quick and direct contact with candidates having different professional skills, from manual workers up to candidates for top management job positions. Apart from Cracow region we recruit candidates from the whole Poland. Realizing our services, we don’t specialize in the given specific sectors. We co-operate with different companies- small, middle and big ones, from various branches. We offer our services both for domestic as well as foreign clients, including: recruitment and selection of candidates, evaluation of human resources, psychological tests.

The fact that we are also psychological lab let us to conduct selection of candidates on the highest professional level, using different psychological methods (interviews with psychologist, psychological paper tests and questionnaires, professional psychological equipment for testing psychophysical functions of i.e. drivers, operators etc). Such professional background distinguishes our agency among other ones which deal with recruitment and selection of candidates.

- We make selection of candidates from our database who meet your requirements and present them your job offer
- We advertise your vacancy in different internet portals with job offers, as well in branch portals
- We advertise your vacancy in Polish newspapers
- We arrange interviews with candidates, verifying their qualifications
- We test candidates, using different psychological methods (tests, questionnaires, psychological equipment for testing
   psychophysical functions)
- We collect all necessary documents from candidates, and translate them for you in English
- We present to you candidates who meet your requirements in form of: cv, additional information collected during interview
   in the form of written report, copies of documents and their translation which prove candidates’ qualification
- We organize phone interviews between you and candidate
- We organize face to face interviews with you in Poland at your request

Our agency holds a certificate issued by the Minister of Economy, Labor and Social Policy no.6845 which confirms that the “Pracownia Psychologiczna PROFESJA” has been entered in the register of employment agencies and authorized to conduct business as an employment COMPANY both in Poland and abroad, pursuant to the principles defined in Art. 85 of the Act on Promotion of Employment and Labor Market Institutions (published in Dziennik Ustaw No. 99, Item 1001). We are also psychological lab, having the certificate which confirms that the “Pracownia Psychologiczna Profesja” is authorized to conduct psychological tests for drivers as well other job positions required special psychophysical predispositions.

Our policy is to work in quick and comprehensive way while realizing the order. Our purpose is to carry out the recruitment and selection process in professional way.

Prosimy o wcześniejszą rejestrację.

Pracownia 1: Myślenice, Rynek 22

tel. 12 274 21 42, tel. kom. 784 049 854

Pracownia 2: Myślenice, Drogowców 5

tel. 12 274 38 80, tel. kom. 784 049 854